Week 14

Assalamualaikum and may all the odds be in your favour,

Our class was on the first Saturday of the study week, which was turned into a video-showing(?) event, The Edutechnovation Day! It was held at Dewan Budiman, because it was bigger than any of the classroom in the faculty and the experience would be spectacular because….the screen was bigger. The aim for this event is to broadcast all the videos that we have made to fulfill one of the requirements of this course.

All students were told to gather at Dewan Budiman by 7:30 am so that we could get ready with the preparation for the event on that day. So, the program would actually start when all the guest of honours had arrived. Just like what I have mentioned, The Edutechnovation Day is a video-showing event, where we broadcast our group project in order to be evaluated. The judges invited on that were of course, our very own Prof. Rosseni herself with her teaching assistants; the TESL Coordinator, Dr. Maslawati and Prof.Dr.Nooreiny but she could not be there because there was an important emergency that she had to attend to.

1511070_763088613726646_6765779813272257027_n   10354873_763088870393287_602238802987315041_n

To be very honest, I am so proud of my classmates because they have made such wonderful videos despite ICT is not our major. The competition was tough and it was hard to decide the 1st prize winner. Even though my group did not win, the satisfaction of finishing this project was beyond everything. It was really challenging to five of us because none of us has the experience in video making and of those ICT stuff; we are bunch of amateurs. We have learned so much from this assignment and we hope the knowledge that we got can be used later we need it the most.


The pitching where Elin is explaining about we have on our poster.

Our finalized project.

10525859_763102187058622_932550974684234366_n 10850225_763093340392840_4787522311441464485_n 10387486_763088650393309_7053265684838081381_n 10007020_763099890392185_3058755832840995294_n

So, that is the end of this course. Sure, it is nice to gain new knowledge regarding ICT in overall. Insya-Allah I will practice what can be practiced when it comes to technological matter.


Week 13

Hi, it’s already Week 13! How time flies! We don’t have class this week because Prof. wants us to improve our video draft to make it more perfect and smooth. So, we sat down and discussed what was needed to be improved. Dr. Rosseni said that it was better if we learned on how to mash music very well. However, I need to take that punch because I was responsible for most of the editing. We tried to minimalise the flaws as much as we could and we managed to get an appraisal from the Dr. herself, even though there were works we needed to work on. So this is our draft for our project:

The draft was 4+ minutes as its duration and the scenes were everywhere, so I cut and added necessary things to make the video looked perfect and smooth. We really hope that we can satisfy our very own Prof. Rosseni as we are not really good this. Till then !


Week 12

Week 12 is hell-bound. There are so much things to do this week, I could practically see some of my classmates facing break-downs because of the over-pouring stress. As for this class, we were informed that there was no class this week. Prof wanted us to finnish whatever is left for our video and a brand new task: A POSTER.

Yes, a poster for our short movie. Truth to be told, I was freaking out a bit because this required a total mastery in Photoshop which I do not really have but what is Educational Technology course for, isn’t it? This is the challenge that we as students need to conquer! So, me and my groupmates gathered again to discuss on what to put on our poster.

Since I was already in charge in video editing, one of my groupmates, Elin, did all the magic on our poster. Of course, everyone helped during the process and the poster came out like this:



This was our very first attempt in creating a poster for our video production. I know, the colours do not really contradict with each other but all is well! All we needed to do was to wait for comments from our classmates, Prof. Rosseni and the teaching assistants.


Week 11

There is no class this week as Prof wants us to finish whatever is left for our video. Since we did most of our shoot in Penang, the thing we only to worry was on the editing. So one night, my group member, Yani, Elin, Dina and Ain spent the night at my room in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn so that each of us pitched in ideas on how to make our product came out successfully.

We tailored the editing based on Prof’s comment on our trailer, so this is our very first draft on our group project!

Till then 🙂


Week 10

Hi and assalamulaikum everyone! So this week we have to broadcast our project or in my case ‘preview’ what we have done so far. Me and my group got a little mixed up actually, we thought we only needed to preview our project in trailer-like but Prof. Rosseni wanted to see the whole thing. I am sorry Prof., but we’re not ready for everything because we did not finish filming for the whole thing.When my group presented this video at front, Prof was not exactly happy with the product because she could not get any idea what we were doing, what the message was. She said that we were missing elements that would make the video not understandable. We took the criticism like champions as those comments were for our benefit in order to make our project better. The best part is Prof. Rosseni helps us so much in order to discover what we need in the video. Honestly, without her and the teaching assistants, we would be totally lost as ICT is not really our food. I want to shout out to my classmates who comment on our trailer, thanks you guys, you are the best 🙂

NOW! We present you, Our Story, Untold!

Till then 😀


Week 9

We had no class this week as Prof. Rosseni needed us to focus on our video production that was going to be presented weeks from this week. However, that did not mean that we were neglecting our work. So we divided up the work that were needed to be done so that we would not face difficulty in the future.  I am so glad we are bestowed as divine as technology because it makes our life easier and better than before. Even though we are circled with brand new technologies every single day, that does not mean we are slave to them, so someone claims. For me, it is a harmless fun, with the existent of technologies, we can actually observe how wonderful mankind has progressed; how we have made this far. How wonderful the mind of the mankind works.


Week 8

Assalamualaikum and greetings to those who follow my humble yet ridiculous posts every week,

We are already in week 8, how amazing. How time flies. Weeks away before the final presentation on our video production. This week’s class, we needed to work on our storyboard. Instead of doing in techno-style, we had to prepare the storyboard on mahjong papers! Awh, got to love the classic! Prof. Rosseni and the teaching assistants were kindly enough to provide everything for us, even the food. May peace be upon on them all times. I was not feeling really well though but it was not proper to only let my other groupmates did all the work. I joined in, even though my health was not that inviting. For one, I was glad that I could still walk; and I brought Sharpies to beautify the storyboard! Thank God!

From this group activity, I could see the bonding not just between me and my group, but also all between all my classmates.

10713005_10204549501553105_7026312149544375752_n 10401476_10204608718473491_7204845989186902649_n 10632746_10204608717633470_4488471581625951279_n  10806289_10204608717833475_863958969774641082_n1510552_10204608719313512_4954607968405170209_n


Week 7

Mid-semester break ended beautifully. I did not went home because I was busy with ICAF, so yeah I spent my break here in UKM. By the way, our trip to Penang was superb. During class, we all shared our memorable encounter there, the place was too beautiful to ignore. Even though there were hardships before and during the program, I was glad that nothing happened and we all had a good time there.

Let’s back to the business, shall we? So the objective of this week’s class was to share the pictures that we had taken during our trip to Penang and also the progress for our video production. Prof. Rosseni wanted to see our storyboard, which was nonexistent because we did not prepare a thing. Luckily, Yani and Elin did a little bit of it on A4 papers, I really owed these two girls for life. We did the presentation orally, which who did all the talking was Elin (because she is awesome) and the our idea was accepted by both classmates and Prof. Rosseni. She said to keep up the good work and continue to develop the video production. For my very own opinion, Prof. Rosseni is doing this in order to keep a track on our work and avoid us from procrastinating.

On that day, we also learned about Photoshop from our very own Muhammad Faiz. Faiz is the tech-savvy dude in our class. Ask him anything, because he knows to every question that you pose to him. Faiz was explaining the basic ground of Photoshop, which I had already known about. I have familiarized myself with Photoshop since I was little but I did not get a chance to learn it back then because Photoshop at that time was really hard to come by. Laptop too. Now, I have the tools needed for Photoshop learning. I think my skills are starting to develop when I joined my college program, which I had the head of publicity post. So it did help me to understand what Faiz was talking about at the front. I really love using Photoshop because I hold art closely to my heart, even though I have zero talent in it. You might say that Photoshop is best thing I love when it comes to technology. Shame that we did not focus more on this area, I hope in the next batch, you could consider spending more time in lecturing about photoshop with practical approach because theory is not enough.


Okay, coolness, till then 😀


Week 6

Hi guys!

So this is it! Tonight is our trip to Penang! At first, we’re not supposed to have class today but Prof. Rosseni has insisted for all of us to meet, for last preparation or all. Today we are learning basic photography techniques from our very own Muhammad Faiz, the boy who knows too much ;D We are from the same foundation in UiTM Kuantan and I have always known that he is good in ICT, I do believe he is credentialed enough to maneuver the class for today.

Faiz explains to us the basic function in a DSLR digital camera, what is shutter speed and all that. It is pretty intense for me because I have always wanted to learn how to use DSLR but I never got the chance because I don’t have a DSLR to begin with. Of course, it is impossible to learn this in one day but at least I have gained something. Along with the lecture, the lecturer also uploads the learning module for photography in order to help us to learn and understand better.

10417773_743797985673463_9140163817372329971_n 10606296_743797959006799_7860300433185219681_n

Sir Faiz in action.

Week 5

Week 5 already? THAT FAST? WOW.

Assalamualaikum and hi to my readers! (assuming that there are readers muddle through my humble yet disorganized blog)

No class this week but we were having a short meeting to discuss on our Penang trip during the mid-semester break. Nothing much, except that Prof. Rosseni wanted us to take a lot of pictures there that suited with our ‘historical building + nature’ themed. The pictures that we had taken would be entered into a National Photograpy Competition, which was hosted by UiTM, if I am not mistaken. As much I was interested in it, I passed. I knew it would harness my photography skills and that competition would be a platform for me to use photography as my minor hobby/career but maybe some other time 🙂

Ah, Prof. Rosseni also gave a link of a video for us to analyze. What I understand most about video-making is that the storyline has to be smooth. Sometimes, there are movies with clear message but with messy plot. To me, I prefer an organized story, where you have to discover message yourself. You are actually learning something while having fun watching stories. Based on the video, I can see that characters are also important to live up the story. All this combined will make a video great to watch. Even though we are not professionals, we will try our best to produce a quality video as best as we can so that it fulfills the requirement needed by both course and the lecturer.